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I sat there, dumbfounded.
I stared at him
As he made his way closer to the car to get in.
I'd recognize his lower body figure anywhere.

He unbuttoned his single button on his navy blue suit
As he sat down.

The door closed
And I finally spoke.
I whispered.

He glanced at me.
“What happened?”
He said dryly.

Before I replied,
The driver seat door opened,
Breaking our moments alone together.

“Where to?”
John asked.

Shawn answered then turned to face me, eyes meeting mine.
"So, what happened?”
He asked again.

“What do you mean? Nothing happened.”
I replied, not knowing what he means.

He turned his head to look in front of him,
Breaking our eye contact.
“You left work because you were feeling sick.”

I was surprised.
“Were you worried about me?”
I blurted out without thinking,
Sitting up, I stared at him,
Waiting for his answer in hope.

He glanced at me through
The corner of his eyes for a moment
Before he looked back at the scenery outside the car,
“It is my responsibility to take care of you.”

I leaned back on the car seat.
His voice was monotone
But that didn't stop the bumping of my heart
And the redness of my cheeks.
I was happy.

Even though he thinks of it
As a responsibility,
I was happy
That somewhere in his heart,

He was thinking of me.

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