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“I love you.”

He stopped his tracks
And slowly turned his body  halfway to face me.

His gaze met mine,
He wore an expression I couldn't recognize.
I clench onto my bed sheet,
Not knowing what to say
Or how to act.

He sighed.
I bit my lower lip
He probably thinks I'm a bother.

His lips separated
But no sound came out.
My eyes stung.
He probably hates me.

“I know.”
He said, dropping his gaze.
“I know you've loved me for the past 2 year and a half.”

But I couldn't return your feelings.
Without him saying it, I knew.

A tear crept down my cheek.
I blamed myself.
“I'm sorry.”

I was selfish.
I could have easily cut ties with him
I could've easily divorced him
But I didn't.

I wiped my tear.
“I'm sorry you had to marry me.”
I couldn't let him go.
He looked at me in the corner of his eyes,
His brows narrowed
He pulled the door open and stepped out.

“I don't completely dislike it.”
He closed the door.

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