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Chapter 60 Part I

Mr. Cain sipped his coffee
And I sipped my tea.

"Ms. Ma- Sterling."
Mr. Cain began.
And there was it again,
He called me by Ms. Sterling.

I responded,
Trying to seem unbothered by the whole name calling thing.

"I've been digging around last night."
Mr. Cain took a pause to look at me.
"Victor was right. Your father only had a few months to live."

I held onto my cup.
I didn't know what to say.

"Your father wanted to do it."
Mr. Cain said as he reached into his pocket and took out a piece of paper.
"I visited both your father and mother's grave for the first time."

Mr. Cain and I made a pact that we wouldn't visit my parents grave until we solved my father's death
Because it would seem like they were actually gone.

"Victor was there too.
He knew I was going to go there.
He gave me this note to give to you."
Mr. Cain slided the folded piece of paper towards me.
"It's from your father.
Victor said that once you went to find him, he would tell you the truth and give you this piece of paper."

I took the paper off the table and unfolded it.

"Victor would've gave this to you yesterday but he didn't have the face to see you.
He said that it was his fault that he allowed your father to do this."

I read the note from my father.

"Mrs. Ma- Sterling,
I think we should out this behind us.
The past is in the past."

I couldn't hold back my tears.

"Forgive Shawn.
Even if he knew about your father's death and he kept it from you,
you still love him,
Don't you?"


Chapter 60 Part II

"Lilia, it seems you have found out about everything. Don't be mad at anyone. Shawn or his father isn't anyone to blame. I volunteered to take the blame. I didn't have much time to live... you probably know that too."

My tears fell.

"Right before your engagement with Shawn, their family came into a little of trouble. His sister accidentally killed her boyfriend and Shawn was determined to cover for her. He was going to confess to a murder he never did."

Mr. Cain held my hand as I read the letter.

"You know, at first I wasn't going to do anything but when I saw you with him, I knew you loved him. In the beginning, I thought it was just a fleeting love or simply an admiration, but the way you looked at him, your eyes glistened like I never seen before. Then, I knew you'd do anything for him, even wait until he came out of jail.

Don't blame Shawn for not telling you
Before I left, I made him promise to never tell you and always take care of you.

Forgive me for not telling you and not  being by your side longer.

Lilia, your mother and I will always love you.

Love, you father."

Mr. Cain walked to my side of the table and held me as I drowned in tears.

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