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The next day, 
I finally returned to work.

“Can I still get mad at my assistant for taking days off work even though she’s my boss’s boss’s wife?”
Joshua teased as he welcomed me back.

I laughed.

“Did Shawn hurt you again?”
Jake said, coming into the employee’s lounge.

I shook my head.
“No, we’re fine.”
I said,
“Thanks for everything, Jake.”

He grinned.
“No problem. Let’s go on a double date with your husband and my girlfriend.”

“Oh yeah! Joshua, I have to ask to go on a vacation leave.”
I said.
“For my one year anniversary.”

Joshua and Jake’s eyes widened
as they grinned at me.

“Even if I denied it,
the company will allow your leave,
so there’s no point in asking”
Joshua joked and Jake chuckled.

“Ms. Sterling,”
A familiar voice interrupted our conversation.
John knocked on the door.
“President Sterling would like to speak to you.”

I nodded
and followed John to the highest floor
of the building.

I walked past the dozen of secretaries
before reaching Shawn’s office.

Ashley called me out,
walking towards me.
“What are you doing here?”

Ashley was now one of my closest friends.
We would go out every friday night for some food.

She and Jake are dating now.
My best girl friend dating my best guy friend.

I almost forgot she got promoted to be John’s secretary,
Thus Shawn’s secretary’s secretary.

“She’s here to meet with the President.
Come on in,
The President would also like to speak to you.”
John stated,
and I looked at him confused but he just smiled at me.

Ashley, who looked confused to,
as we walked into Shawn’s office.

He sat on his desk,
His eyes glued to his papers
before we walked in.

He raised his head and our eyes met.
His poker face turned into a smile
as he stood up and walked towards us.

He said my name as he embraced me.
“I missed you.”

We haven't seen each other for three days because he was always busy for work.

He needed to prepare for everything in advance
before going on our one year anniversary.

“S-Shawn, Ashley’s here.”
I said, pushing him a bit and he released me from his embrace.

“Don’t worry. I kind of pressured Jake to tell me
because I subconsciously suspected it.”
Ashley said, with a smile.

I apologized for keeping it a secret.

She smiled.
“Don’t worry, I understand why but treat me to dinner
when you come back from your trip.”

I smiled.
“I will, thank you.”

“Where are you going,
By the way?”

“Bora Bora.”
Shawn answered her.


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