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The day passed by quickly, Like any other day

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The day passed by quickly,
Like any other day.

15 minutes until the end of work.
I laid my head on top
Of my desk waiting for work to end.

I closed my eyes
Allowing my eyes to rest
And relief my eyes from the dryness of my contacts.

My phone vibrated,
Breaking my moments of silence.

I reached for my phone on my desk
And read the notification.
[New Message]

I unlocked my phone,
Noticing the message was from him.

My heart fastened as I pressed his name,
[Shawn ❤💓💋💗]

Although I know my instincts told me it would be like any other message in the past,
A little part of me hoped.

Hoped that it would've been different.
Hoped it wouldn't be the same old message.


[I'm working overtime.]

It was the same.
As if he had preset the message
To send around the same time everyday.

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