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Chapter 30 Part I

"I love you."
His voice resonates.

A week ago, I would've been so happy to hear those three words
No, I'm still happy.

Three words
Was all it took for me to fall,
And I did, once again.

But I knew better.
That I wasn't the only one

And he didn't love me.

To him, it was an obligation
To say he loves me
Like the day of our wedding.

But he didn't.

And I knew but I still hoped.

My lips separated and I spoke.
I lowered my voice.
"You never loved me."

It was one thing to know,
But another to say out loud.

His lips separated,
about to speak but I cut him off.

"I know, you never did."

I spoke my mind.

"I'm sad that you've cheated on me
But I'm even more sad that you never even tried to love me back."

I said, and I felt my eyes tearing up,
My voice hoarse.

His face was appalled,
Like he had never seen this side of me,
And to be honest, neither have I
But I couldn't take it anymore.

At this point,
It's better if we get an divorce.


Chapter 30 Part II

He whispered.
"I do love you."


"No, you didnt, Shawn."
I shook my head.
"Because you wouldn't hurt someone you loved."


"I didn't cheat on you."


"Let's get a divorce."
I couldn't say it.
Deep down I want him to love me back.

I stood up,
Feeling like I've reached the limit of my ability to hold back my tears.

I retreated towards the door.

He called out to me,
Standing up.

I didn't respond nor look back.

My tears crept down,
I pulled the door open and stepped out of the meeting room,
Closing the door behind me,

Hinting, I didn't want to be followed.

And he didn't.

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