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His voice penetrates against my ear.

I’ve always loved it when he called my name.

I said, meeting his gaze.

“Mrs. Sterling, Good morning.”
John said, breaking our moment of silence.

I looked from Shawn to John,
“Morning John,”
I looked down at his hands,
“Thanks for getting my clothes.”

“Anything for the CEO’s wife.”
John smiled and handed me the bag.

I forged a smile on my face and took the bag from him.

I’m wife in name only.

“Thank you.”
I smiled at the ground,
Turning around to leave.

Shawn said in usual monotone voice.
I didn't turn around, I clenched on the bag.
I can't face him anymore.

“Change in my office.
I need to talk to you.”

A few moment passed,
The elevator beeped as it was waiting for us.

I gulped.
“No, I'll change in the washroom.
We can talk at home.”
I said with my back still facing him.

The elevator continued to beep.

I heard the sound of his tongue click,
Showing he was pissed off.

I started walking back,
But a hand clenched onto my wrist and pulled me backwards into the elevator

My back hit a hard yet soft chest.
The elevator door closed.




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