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"Then what were you doing with her at night when you didn't come home for the past 3 months?"

His eyes trailed to the floor once again,

"I-I can't tell you."

I was frustrated.
I wanted an explanation.
And I would've easily forgave
If he gave me one.

Even if he gave me something that didn't make sense,
At least he was trying.

I quickly stood up,
Walking towards my bedroom.

But his hand grasp my wrist.
"Lilia, wait."

I crane my neck to look at him in the eye.

He sat down on the couch
and sighed, holding my hands.
"Please trust me."
He said, looking at my hands.

It clenched,
my heart.

"Shawn, I did trust you.
For 3 months, I trusted you.
But the messages you never replied,
The phone calls you never picked up."

He showed me a sorry face.

And it hurt.
I felt my eyes tearing up.


"What can I do to make you trust me?"

I separated my lips,
"Turn back time."

And it crept.

My tears fell.

His grip loosened
And I head towards my room.

I once read somewhere
That first love is scarier and sadder
Than adult love.

But what happens
When they occur at the same time?






There is no Part II in this chapter because I love the cliffhanger too much 😂💕  I feel like I made it more dramatic than it actually is LOL

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