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The car pulled up
at the driveway of the main door of our condo.
I got out of the car and faced them.

"Thank you for the ride home.
I'll head up now."
I said, bending down
looking through the car window.

Shawn said,
as he opened the car door on the other side
And stepping out,
buttoning his suit.
"I'll be coming with you."

I was surprised
but happy.

We headed to our suite.
I pressed my index finger
on the scanner to open the door.

The door opened and I head in
Taking off my shoes.
"Um, thanks for taking me home."
I said.
"You can head back to work now."

"I'll go later.."
He said walking behind me,
removing his shoes.

"It's really okay.
I'm not sick or anything."
I said, not wanting to be a burden on him
And it was a fact that I wasn't sick.

His gaze met mine.
"You are.
You've never took a sick day before."

I couldn't respond.
It was true
But I wasn't sick.
I felt guilty but
I wanted to spend some time with him
Even if it was just a few minutes.


He cooked a plain porridge for me
As I went to take a shower.
I sat down on the kitchen table
And he sat across from me.

The porridge was really plain
but I ate it all
It was the first time he cooked for me.
I was happy.

"Do you want anything else?"
He asked.

I felt like I've used up all my luck.
I knew that the happiness I am feeling will end

Like any emotion,
Happiness was only for a moment
and won't last.

That applies for fear,
and everything else.

It was probably because I thought that this chance wouldn't come again
or the spur of happiness that I felt
that lead me to say these selfish words,
but I did.

"Can you come home early today?"

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