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Chapter 53 Part I


"It seems that Shawn had something to do with your father's imprisonment."
Cain stared on our way back to his place in the taxi ride.

I was speechless.
Cain looked at me and he frowned.
I didn't know what expression I had on.

"Ms. Mafilla,
Nothing is certain yet. The source isn't reliable. The man was probably bluffing."
He tried to ease me.

I gulped down my emotions.
"Who was he?
The same man?"

Mr. Cain nodded.

"But why were you at my place?"
I asked.

He gulped.
"I was just trying to confirm his words."
He shifted his eyes to the ground.

"Anything specific?"

His eyes met mine
And they fluttered.
"No, just anything."
He's lying.

I held his gaze
And he held mine.

I gave.


Chapter 53 Part II

I made my way home after dropping Mr. Cain off.

I exhaled deeply and opened the door to my apartment.
It's been a long day.

I took my shoes off and walked inside.

I saw Shawn sitting on the couch with his back turned to face me.

His silhouette comforted me.

He turned around as he heard my steps approaching.

When he saw me,
He smiled.

"Welcome home, wife."

I was surprised.
Surprised that just simply seeing him,
All my worries went away.

I smiled.
"I'm home, husband."



I promise to love and care for you.
This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things.❞

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