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Drip drip
The rain was heavy.

Pouring on me
As I made my way to work dripping wet.

I forged a smile on my face
As I greeted my coworkers.

I called John to grab some clothes for me to change into
When he picks up Shawn.

“Lilia, are you okay?”
Rachel asked.
“You’re soaking wet.”

“Im fine. I forgot an umbrella.”

Her brows narrowed in concern.
“You’ve been weird for the past two days.”

“I’m fine, honest. Don’t worry.”
My phone beeped.
It was a message from John,
Telling me that he has arrived to work.

“Okay, do you have clothes to change into?”

I nodded,
“Yeah, I’m going to go grab it now.”

[I’ve arrived, please meet me in my office.]
John texted.

John’s office was beside Shawn’s
Which was on the highest floor of the company.

I waited for the elevator to arrive.
It did.

The elevator doors slid opened.
And I saw him.

He lifted his head from his papers,
His gaze meeting mine.
He whispered.



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