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Chapter 61 Part I

"Mr. Cain,"
I said, wiping my years away.
"Can we visit my parents' grave?"

He smiled as he placed a ten dollar bill on the table.
"Of course, Mrs. Sterling."

He called me by that last name again.

I simply smiled as we left the coffee shop and got into Mr. Cain's car.

"Mr. Cain, please continue calling me Ms. Mafillia."
I reminisce our past.

"Congratulations on your wedding, Mrs. Sterling."
Mr. Cain congratulated me.
"It's been awhile."

I smiled as I saw him.
"Yes, long time no see,
Mr. Cain."

Mr. Cain came forward,
Bending down as he placed his bouquet of flowers on both my parents grave.

"Mr. Cain, do you think my mom and dad are happy?"

Mr. Cain stood up,
"Of course they are.
You grew up into a fine lady, with a good husband and a good job."

A tear creeped down my cheek.

"Believe me, they are happy,
Mrs. Sterling."

I wiped my tear away and smiled.
"Thank you, Mr. Cain."

He smiled and nodded.

"I have a favour, Mr. Cain.
Can you continue calling me Ms. Mafillia?"

"Sure, but why?"




Chapter 61 Part II

We stood before my parents grave.

Mr. Cain and I prayed.

"Mrs. Sterling, I've decided to go back to my hometown."
Mr. Cain began.
"It's time I return to my wife and son."

I turned around to look at Mr. Cain.
Sorrow in my eyes.

He smiled upon seeing my expression.
"Of course, I'll come back and visit you, Mrs. Sterling."

I walked up to him
And hugged him.
"Thank you for everything,
Mr. Cain."

"You as well."
He hugged me back.

Mr. Cain's phone ringed.
"It seems like my ride is here, Mrs. Sterling.
You can take my car back home."
He handed me the keys to his car.

I took his keys and gave him one last hug.
"Thank you."

"Mr. Cain, please continue calling me Ms. Mafillia."

"Sure, but why?"

"I'm happy to share and be called the same name as my husband,
But I want someone to remember the Mafillia family,
So it doesn't feel like it was never there."

"Farewell, Mrs. Sterling."
He said as he hugged me back again.

"Mr. Cain,"
I said as we separated.
"Can you call me Ms. Mafillia one more time?"

Mr. Cain smiled,
"Of course, Ms. Mafillia,
I will call you Ms. Mafillia until the day I stop serving you and your family."

And like before,
Mr. Cain smiled in his usual gentle,
Calming smile.
"Farewell and I hope to you again,
Ms. Mafillia."

I smiled.
"Thank you, Mr. Cain.
I will miss you."

And he took off.
He got into a black sedan
And it drove off.

Mr. Cain worked for my family most of his life to provide his family that he rarely sees.
I'm happy that he's able to see them after such a long time.

I started up Mr. Cain's car
And inhaled the aroma in the car.
The smell of aftershave
And lightly scented incense.
It smelled like Mr. Cain.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the aroma.
Goodbye, Mr. Cain.
Maybe we will meet again,
But maybe this is the last time we'll meet
Like this is the last time I'll be called




"Cain, cain."
I called out my butler's name.

He picked me up with his large hands
And chuckled.

"Lilia, I told you to call him Mr. Cain."
My father scolded me.

Mr. Cain laughed.
"It's okay, Mr. Mafillia,
She's only seven years old."

I laughed as I wrapped my tiny, short arms around Mr. Cain's neck.

"Cain, you always smell good."
I said burying my head into his neck,
Inhaling the smell of incense
That exerted from Mr. Cain's body
As my father and Mr. Cain laughed.




"I'll always stay by your side, Ms. Mafillia."


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