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Chapter 42 Part I

She flaunts a confident smile,
And like the cowardice I am,
I averted my gaze to the ground,
Avoiding hers.

I held in my tears
and quickly blinked them away.

I glanced at the man I called my husband,
He still wore an awkward smile,
Im unable to decipher if it was a smile of guilt or just a smile from the awkwardness.

His gaze met mine,
And he noticed my uneasiness.

He noticed and slid his hand to cover mine,
Again showing me that awkward, weary smile.

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Sterling."
Michael said, breaking my chain if thoughts.
He extended his hand,
"Ive heard a lot about you."


I shook his hand,
Plastering a smile on my face,
I greeted him.
"Nice to meet you too, um, Mr. Valentine."

He grinned,
"Allow me to properly I introduce myself."
He leaned back into the couch.
"I am the President of Valentine & Co,
Which is one of the leading perfume company."

"You must be thinking why you're here."
He continued.

Krystal smiled.
"Did Shawn already tell you?"

Chapter 42 Part II

"Did Shawn tell you already?"
He asked and I watched his reaction.

His weary smile grew,
His brows faintly narrowed,
And he scratched his neck.

I know

He is nervous.

For three years of watching him;
His every gesture and his habits that he might have not even realized,
I know it all

I know
He will scratch his neck when he's nervous.

I know
He will scratch his index finger with his thumb when he is thinking.

I know
He will bite his bottom lip when he was in a tight spot.


I know
For a slight unnoticed moment,
He will avert his gaze when he lies.

I know it all.

"I haven't told her yet."
He bit his lip.



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