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Chapter 33 Part I

When we reached his apartment,
He grabbed a pillow and blanket
And placed it down on his couch.

"Sleep in my room, I'll sleep on the couch tonight."
Like always, he showing his caring and gentle side.

I smiled,
"No, I'm sleeping on the couch and thats final. I'd feel bad."

"No, don't worry about it."

"No, I'll feel so bad and won't fall asleep."

Eventually, he gave in
And let me sleep on the couch.

About an hour later,
I still couldn't fall asleep.

It bothered me.
Not knowing where he was,
What he was doing
And how he was doing.

I glanced at the clock,
It was 2:30am
And I still have work tomorrow.

I flinched and sat up right
When someone banged on the door.

What was that?

The sound continued
And Jake got out of his room,
Noticing the sound.

"What the hell. It's like 3am."
He said, scratching the back of his head and yawning.

He opened the door,
"Who the f-"
He yelled but cut himself off
When he saw the man at the door.

I saw him flinch
And he took a step back
Allowing me to see.

My eyes widened.





Chapter 33 Part II

He stood there at the door step.

His brows stuck together,
His nostrils flared,
His lips pressed together,
His eyes wide and glaring

I whispered.

His eyes trailed from Jake to me.

One thing I knew for sure was that
He was angry,
Very angry.

He said, his teeth grinding,
But keeping his voice monotone.

"How did you know-"
I cut myself off, thinking.
"You had someone follow me."
Now I was angry.

"Did you not trust me that much?!"
I said in a angry tone.

He flinched.
His face softened and his eyes trailed to the ground
"No, thats not it."

I crossed my arms.
"Then what."

His gaze met mine.
"Let's go home."
He extended out his hand.
"We'll talk at home."

My brows narrowed.
Not only was I angry, I was disappointed.

Disappointed that he didn't trust me.
Disappointed in both myself and him.

I was never angry with him,
Let alone disappointed.

We must have changed too much.

"No, Shawn, I'm not going home with you."
I said with a steady and stern voice.

"But, Lilia, I was waiting for you."

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