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Chapter 29 Part I

John and Joshua
Left the meeting room.

More like John dragged a
half conscious Joshua out the room.

The whole time,
Shawn kept his gaze on me.

"Why are you avoiding me?"
He repeated himself again.

Finally, I got myself to look him in the eyes.
"I'm not."
I lied.

"You've been out late with some guy."
He said, crossing his arms.

I gasped.
Is he really going to be like this?

"His name is Jake, and compared to you, I'm not that bad."
I said, crossing my arms.
There, I said it.

His eyes widened,
His arms dropped to the table.

Moments of silence passed and he took it to the next level.
"Are you cheating on me?"
What did he just say?

I cracked.
"I can't believe you're accusing me of cheating when you're the one cheating."
I said it, and the feeling of regret came in right after.

His Adam's apple moved as he gulped.
"I'm not."

I looked at him.
"Then what are you doing with Ms. Krystal Valentine."

He looked at down his hands.

I continued.
"Who was your ex-girlfriend before you were engaged to me."


Chapter 29 Part II

I watched him.

Watched him

as he exhaled heavily,

as he leaned forward and crouch down,

as his hands intertwined his hands and rested them on the table,

as his brows narrowed,

and his frown deepened.

I watched him,
as he was put under pressure.

I would forge a smile and
tell him something to ease him.
but this time I didn't,
I simply watched him

As his eyes sway left to right

Trying to come up with excuses.

"No, I didn't...."
He hesitated, eyes looking down at his hands.

Again, I did nothing but watched him.

"I didn't cheat on you."

And I spoke.

"I know what you've done, Shawn."
I said, feeling the pain after.

It was hard to breathe,
it felt like my nose was stuffed
and my eyes teared up.

"The nights you didn't come home,
the scent of alcohol and perfume you always had when you came home the next morning."

His head swung up,
his wide eyes meeting mine.

"I knew,"
I said.


I cut him off

He continued,

"I love you."

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