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It was around 2am
when I arrived home.

His shoes was scattered on the floor.
He was sitting on the living room couch
With his back facing me.

"Welcome home."
I said,
As I place his shoes neatly on the door mat.

He craned his neck back
To see me,
"I should be the one saying that."
He said dryly, his tone showing no interest in my return
Or me.

But still,
I'm happy that he came home early today.

I walked towards him
To find him on his laptop,
Beside him, papers scattered
On the living room couch and table.

"Are you working?"
I try to start a conversation.

"No, I just finished up."
He said, closing his laptop lid,
Taking his papers
And made his way to his bedroom.

I said.

He paused and turned for a moment,

I smiled as I made my way
To my bedroom which was right beside his.

"Where were you?
What were you doing?
Who were you with?"

Were the words that would never
come out of his mouth.

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