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Chapter 62 Part I

I drove myself home
And parked Mr. Cain's car downstairs in the basement of my condo.

I looked at the time
That read 2pm.

He probably isn't home.
I took the elevator up to my floor
And unlocked my door.

He wasn't home.

I sighed
As I took off my shoes.

Right when I sat down on the couch,
I got a call.

From Shawn.

I declined the call.
But he called again
And again
And again.

I exhaled deeply.
Just stop.

I picked up the call
And brought my phone up against my ear.

He said as I picked up the phone.

I didn't respond.

"Hello? Lilia? Are you there?"
He asked again.

I gulped,
Resisting the urge to respond.

I hear his heavy breath.
"Lilia, I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do
Or what to say.
I'm outside of our condo.
I want to see you."

I exhaled.
I didn't know what to do or what to say either.

He continued.
"I want to see you.
Can I?"

A tear crept down my cheek.
Again, I remained silent.

I hear him gulp.
"I love you, Lilia."

I hesitated.
"I love you too."

I hung up the call.


Chapter 62 Part II

"I, Shawn Sterling,
take you, Lilia Mafillia,
to be my lawfully wedded wife,
to have and to hold,
from this day forward---"

I wake up from my peaceful dream.
The dream of the happiest day of my life.

I sat up on my bed
And felt the emptiness of the sheets beside me.
The emptiness of the room
and the condo.

I checked the time on my phone.
It was 8:15am.

I got a message from Shawn.
[Can we meet at our breakfast place at 9?]

Another message came in.

I decided to talk with him.
I got changed and drove to our breakfast place.
The only breakfast place in the city that cooked Shawna bacon the way he liked it.

I walked in and sat down across from Shawn.

He looked up at me
With his five o'clock shadow.
Shawn wasn't a very hairy guy.

He started.

I gulped,
Thinking if I should reply.
"Good morning."

"I got your iced black tea.
Do you want to eat anything?"
He said, as he handed me the menu.

I nodded as I sipped my iced black tea.
Shortly, the waitress arrived
And fetched my order.

I thanked the waitress
And again sipped my tea.

He began.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for keeping it a secret and for letting your father take the blame."

I wanted to do it, dear.

"I'm not mad at you for that.
My father chose to take the blame."
I responded him.

He hesitated,
Not knowing what was wrong.

"D-Did you marry me because you felt like you had to?"
I asked.

"What? Of course not."
He responded, almost immediately.

I didn't know if I could trust him.

I know.

I know
He was telling the truth
But I didn't know if he was confusing
the difference





"For better, for worse
For richer, for poor,
In sickness and in health-"

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