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"Lilia, are you not going to eat lunch?"My coworker, Rachel asked

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"Lilia, are you not going to eat lunch?"
My coworker, Rachel asked.

"No, I think I'm going to take a sick day
And head home."
I said.

"Okay, I hope you feel better."

I smiled.
I felt bad for leaving.
It wasn't like I was sick or anything
I wasn't in the mood to do anything
And what happened last night bothered me.

I grabbed my bag
and told my section leader that I wasn't feelings well.
He was kind to let me leave.
It was my first time taking a sick day since I was hired.

I got to the main floor of the company building,
Requesting a taxi to pick me up.
I sat on the company couches waiting for my taxi.

I closed my eyes to rest
Memories from yesterday night
Prevented me from getting the few minutes of rest I wanted.

"Mafillia, you have no idea what kind of person he is."

My phone rang
Interrupting my chain of thoughts.

I was getting a call.
I checked the caller ID,

The screen read
[Shawn ❤💓💋💗]

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