『Side Story Oneshot: Hopeless Feelings』

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"Sakura, let's break up."
He said, his eyes showing sorrow.

"Wait, why?"
I asked.

We were happy,
We didn't fight;
We were the perfect couple.

He sighed.

I tilt my head back
And let the vodka go down my throat.
The burn was satisfying.

A man walked towards me,
Shaking his head and sighing.
"I can never understand how you can drink so much and not die."

"Shut up."
I said, pouring vodka into my shot glass.

He sat down onto the seat across from me
as I poured vodka into his shot glass.

I placed the vodka bottle down and held up my shot glass.

He smiled while sighing,
He said as he clicked his glass with mine.

I tilt my head back again
And let the drink do down my throat.

He did the same.

I smiled.
"Thanks for coming, Zen."

He smiled
As he pour alcohol in my glass.
"Anything for my best friend."

I smiled.
"Isn't your girlfriend going to be mad?"

"Nah. She's understanding."
He held his glass up."

"Treat her well, my friend."
I click my glass with his.
"She's a sweet girl."

His eyes light up and he smiled at the ground.
"I know."

Again, the alcohol went down my throat.

He hesitated.
"What happened this time?"

I sighed.
He was the one who wanted to breakup."

He sighed.
"It's always the same, isn't it?"

I glanced up at him
Then poured out more alcohol.

He reached out and patted my head.
"All the guys that broke up with you are missing out."
He said,
Taking the vodka bottle from my hands,
His fingers touching mine.

He poured alcohol in his glass.
"My best friend is the sweetest, funniest and prettiest girl I've ever met."

I laughed.
"Your girlfriend is going to be mad when she hears this."

He grinned.
"This stays between us."

I laughed and we drank the night away.

He started but paused.


"No, nothing."
He hesitated.

I kicked him under the table.
"Say it. I'm your best friend."

"Well, it isn't a good time but,"
He scratched his head.
"Can you help me pick out a ring?"


I bit my lower lip.
"What? A promise ring?"


I dug my own grave.

I laughed as I hit him on the shoulder.
"Is that a question?
Of course!
You're my best friend!"

He smiled as he sighed for relief.
"You're the best."

I continued laughing,
"Of course."
I flipped my hair.

He laughed.

And I laughed as well
As I tilt my head,
Letting the vodka go down my body once again


"Sakura, let's break up."
He smiled but his eyes showed sorrow.


He smiled.

"Because I know,
The one you love isn't me."



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