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Chapter 63 Part I

"D-Did you marry me because you felt like you had to?"
I asked.

"What? Of course not."
He responded, almost immediately.

I didn't know if I could trust him
Or believe him.


A day ago...

"I love you too."
I hung up the phone.

Moments later,
Someone knocked on my door.

"It couldn't be Shawn."
I thought to myself.

I looked at the camera screen
To see who it was.

My eyes widened from the sight
And I quickly opened the door.

I greeted him.

He stood there with his perfectly opened navy blue suit
And a bouquet of flowers.
He smiled when he saw me,
His smile lines wrinkling as his smile grew wider.
"Lilia, have Shawn been mean to you?"

Note responding,
I hugged my father in law.

"I missed you, my beautiful daughter in law."
He said as he hugged me back.

I welcomed him in
And seat him down on the living room couch
And poured him some green tea.

"What are you doing here, father?"
I asked,
Knowing Shawn wouldn't have told Father anything.

He held up his cup of tea
And blew it a bit.
"John informed me of the situation between Shawn and you."

He sipped his tea
Then sighed as he placed his tea down on the table.
"Don't blame Shawn.
He didn't know about it until after after your father turned himself in."

I gulped.
"I'm not mad at him.
My father chose to do it.
I chuckled a bit.
"I can't seem to stay mad at him."

Father smiled a bit,
But his eyes showed worry.
"Then why?"

I looked down at the ground.
"I don't know.
I don't know what to think or feel."
I tightened my intertwined hands.

Father placed a hand over my hands.
"Shawn is a shy boy.
Maybe most men are shy in front of the girl they like.
But he's extra shy, that's his personality.

He doesn't tell me anything but as his father, I know.

Shawn found you innocent and cute.
He has liked you the moment he laid eyes on you.

My workaholic son wouldn't have token time off school back then to go on dates.

Even though he always listens to me and does whatever I tell him,
He wouldn't just engaged and marry anyone.
Trust me."

Father rephrased.
"Trust him."

I didn't know if I could trust him or believe him.

I will

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