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I forgave him.
Like all wives
and couples do
when they encounter some kind of trouble.

I wasn't mad at him for my father,
I needed reassurance
that he didn't only
love and cared for me due to guilt.
I needed that.

"Shawn is a shy guy, but he loved you since he meet you."
Father in-law chuckled.
"I didn't believe in love at first sight until I saw how he fell for you."

We were different
but also the same.

Like him,
I fell the instant I saw him.

He sat across from me,
his fingers intertwined,
biting on his lower lip,
looking apologetic.

He chanted my name
with his deep familiar voice.

And just like that,
with three words,
I fell in love with him again.

"I love you."


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