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It progressed so quickly I almost forgot to breathe.

I went home,
getting a text from John. 

"Ms. Sterling, I'm sorry 
but Mr. Sterling has found out about you meeting with Edward Cain."

I wasn't bothered about the message. 

I simply replied with, "It's okay." 

I touched my ring on my ring finger and rubbed it, 
Hoping it gave me comfort 

but it didn't. 

Mr. Ace didn't tell me anything after 
and I told Mr. Cain to simply go home.

I got home and I stood in front of my apartment door.

I exhaled deeply.

I didn't want to go in. 

Now that I'm here,
I didn't know what to say 

or feel. 

I searched for my keys in my bag
then suddenly, 

the door flung open.

He stood there, 

his hair ruffled,

his tie undone,

his breathing accelerated. 

"Where were you?!" 
His voice, loud with impact.

I flinched at the volume of his voice. 

He saw and sighed, calming himself down. 

"You didn't answer your phone."
He said with his usual voice. 

"I-It ran out of battery."
I stuttered, my throat feeling like I haven't spoken in ages.

He moved to the side, 
Giving me space to go in 

and I did. 

I walked in and took my shoes off.

He closed the door behind me 
and followed me to the living room area. 

I sat down on the sofa 
and he did as well, on the sofa separately across from mine.

A moment of silence passed while I waited for him to begin 

but I guess he wanted me to start. 


Chapter 57 Part II


We both said at the same time.

"You go first."
I said.

He cleared his throat.

"You've been meeting with Cain recently?"

I nodded.


He sighed,
running a hand through his hair.

He grunted.

"I never said this before but I thought it was obvious when we married
but you have to stop meeting with those kinds of people.

We cannot associate ourselves with them."


I said, knowing the full reason.

Father told me that I should have a normal life
and not take part in the underground or under the table business.

"Our parents wanted you to have a normal life."
He said.

"You have to ask your husband."
Mr. Ace's voice echoed.

"Is that the only reason why you don't want me to keep in contact with them?"


He said, being taken off his game.

I observed him,

looking at him right in the eye as he answered my question.

"Of course."

He said,

and I saw it.

His eyes shifted for a single moment.

I sighed.

I wished it weren't true but

He's lying.

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