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Hey~ So Chapter XXI (21) is really long so I separated into 2 parts because the word limit for a CPN chapter is 20) words and I surpassed it... I didn't want to make the second part as the next chapter because XXI Part I isn't interesting at all.
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I got changed into the clothing John brought for me
In Shawn’s personal washroom.

All eyes were on me when the elevator door opened
To the highest floor of the building;
The CEO’s office.

Secretaries and other employees that had business there
All looked at me as I follow Shawn and John to the President’s office.

“Good morning, sir.”
The head secretary greeted Shawn.

I gulped.

“Good morning, Marie.”
Shawn and John both greeted the head secretary that looked like she was in her fifties.

“Oh, this is my niece.”
John stated when he noticed her gaze fall upon me.
“She got soaked in the rain so I brought her here to use the restroom  since it had a hair dryer.”
John covered for me.

Her gaze softened and she smiled.
“I see. Nice to meet you.”
She extended her hand.

I took her hand, shyly.
“You too, Miss Marie.”

I walked out of the washroom,
And my eyes set on Shawn.

He was busy looking at the files and papers
On his desk.

I slowly closed the washroom door.
But the closing of the door made a sound
Which lead his attention to me.

“You’re done?”
He said.

I nodded.
Looking and listening to him reminded me of this morning.
“I’m going to go now.”
I said, turning my heel and heading towards the door.

I heard the wheels of his chair roll,
Signalling he was standing up.


And just by the sound of his geblt voice calling my name was all it took
To ease my heart and help me forgive him.




I stopped. My feet were glued to the floor with just a word from him.

I clenched my hands into a fist,
Trying to fight my inner self that showed love for him.

I said, with my back facing him.

I knew if I looked at him,
Id surely fall again.

A moment of silence surrounded us
before he broke it.

"At least turn around."
He said with a gentle and kind tone.

I bit my lower lip
And slowly turned my body around,
My eyes fixed on the floor.

He whispered.
"Look at me."

I gulped,
biting my lower lip harder,
I raised my head,
Eyes meeting his.

He looked at me with a smile.

And again,
I fell.

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