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It's been a week since our trip to Disneyland
And we've been the same as we were before.

The usual same.

I made myself a ice black tea
and made him his usual black coffee.

I laid out a plate of eggs and avocados for breakfast.

I place his coffee across from me as I sat down by the kitchen table.

I sipped my tea as he comes out of our room, fixing his tie.

I smiled.
"Good morning."

His gaze rose from his tie to me,
He said, nonchalantly as his gaze dropped down to the kitchen table.

He walked over as he took a second to look at the time on his watch.

"Sorry, but Im late. I have to go."
He apologized as he picked up his black coffee and drank half a cup of it.

He placed it down and headed towards the door.

Our routine was the same.
Our conversations were the same.
Nothing has changed.

I followed him towards the door.

He slides into his shoes and into his black blazer.

"Have a nice day at work."
I said, smiling.

"Yeah, you too."
He said, turning around and turning the doorknob.

I queitly sighed as he opened the door.

"Oh ya."
He said, craning his head back to see me.


It happened in an instant.

His ear turned to the colour of cherry blossom flowers,
His hand that held the knob held my cheek,
And his lips now were connected with mine.

His lips drew back and separated,
"See you at work."
He turned around and left the house.

I blushed. "Y-Yeah."

I smiled at the ground.

Maybe some things have changed.


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