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Chapter 39 Part I

The dinner with Father ended smoothly 
and we said our farewells.

"Let's go,"
Shawn said.

I nodded and we walked out of the house to the white car parked in the driveway.

One of the butler handed the car keys to Shawn.

While Shawn moved towards the driver seat,
The butler opened the passenger door for me.

I sat in,
"Where's Harry?"
I asked while Shawn got in the car.

He took a pause,
"I told him not to come."

I was confused,
Shawn never drove.

But I guess he does have a drivers license.

At least, I sure hope he does.

He started the engine and drove off.

I loved the mansion,
The scenery, the perfectly painted white walls and marble floors.
It reminded of my real home.

And reminded me of my family.

The rode continued with the radio on,
Neither of us talked.

I finally spoke.
"This isn't the way home."

"Yeah, we're going to another place."
He answered half heartedly.

Chapter 39 Part II

"Yeah, we're going to another place."
He answered half heartedly.

"It's 11pm."

"It'll be quick."

We were back in downtown.

He drove to a condominium,
But it wasn't ours.

I followed him,
As he dialed the building phone to tell the condo owner to unlock the front door,
As he guided me up the elevator
And as he stopped on the penthouse floor and came to a penthouse building.

He ran the doorbell,
And it took some time for the owner to open the door.

When it did,

My brows narrowed,

My eyes widened,

My teeth clenched,

My frown deepened,

My feet glued to the ground,


My heart







Short chapter but hope you guys like it! Despite it being written really poorly.... 😢 Was busy today but still wanted to update~ 💕

Love Sakuna 💕

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