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I cooked dinner
And prepared a bath for him
Hoping he would come back

Showing he cared for me.

I sit on the dining chair,
My head resting on the kitchen table
Waiting for him.

Ive done this many times;

Waiting for him to come home,
Waiting for him to look at me
And waiting for him to love me.

"Ms. Mafilla, about Ms. Krystal Valentine...."

The clock hits 10 o'clock.
Its been three hours since I called him.

But a part still hoped and continued to wait.
Please come home.

A part of me hoped that
He would love me
And care for me


It was 1 am
And he hasn't returned home yet.

The dinner I cooked
Has gotten cold.

The bath I prepared
Has gotten cold.

And the heart that waited for him
Has froze.

"She was his ex-girlfriend."

couldn't take it anymore.



Shawn & Lilia
Shawn & Krystal 


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