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Chapter 36 Part I

I've lost count of the times I've cried that night, or the amount of days I cried after that night. 

It was inevitable, I couldnt be the same person I was before when I was with him.

I went back home right after work
Because I was too tired.
I've been going out every day of this week to avoid him, seeing him hurt 
But today I was too tired.

I slipped out of my heels,
and I heard a door creak.

He said, coming out of his room.

I glanced at him
And looked down.

"Are you free the day after tomorrow?"
He asked and I didn't respond.

"My father wants to see you."
He said, and I looked at him in the eye.

I asked.

Father in law wasn't someone I can reject.

"That day is also your birthday. So he wants to celebrate it."
He said with a soft tone.

I almost forgot it was my birthday.

"I don't like big parties."
I stated.

"I know, I told him that so he said he just wanted to have dinner, just the three of us."
He said.

I said and headed into my room.


Chapter 36 Part II

The following day,

Again, I cooked lunch for both myself and him.

And went to work as always.

When the day ended,
I went with Ashley to our local pub.

"Lilia, I'm so sad."
Ashley started.

I asked.

"Don't tell anyone okay?"
She started.
"I don't know if he wants to keep it a secret, but for his reputation's stake, I'm going to treat it as a secret."

I smiled and nodded.

"Okay so, the President is married."

My eyes widened
And Ashley noticed.

Does she know?

"Right?! I had the same expression."
Ashley stated.

She doesn't know its me. Whew.

I smiled and followed along.
"Wow, I didn't even think he'd have one."

"And so young too, right?"
She added.

I agreed with her but kept quiet,
Not knowing what to say.

She exhaled and continued.
"But you know, I'd still go for a married man."


Chapter 36 Part III

"Id still go for a married man."

My eyes widened,
But knowing Ashley,
She would.

I said, confused, slowing down the conversation.
"How did you know he was married?"

"Well, I invited him for lunch,"

"President, want to go out for lunch?"
I mustered my courage and asked him.

He was the full package,
Intelligent, handsome and rich.

Call me a gold digger
But having a sugar daddy won't do much harm.

"Sorry, but I have a lunch"
He said, holding his homemade lunch in his hands.

I saw a glimpse of the packed lunch,
And it was filled with delicious food.
"Wow, President, you cook?"
Another good trait checked.

He said, dropping his gaze.
"My wife made it for me."

He smiled,
"Itd be a waste not to eat it.



"That's what he said."
Ashley said, resting her cheek on the palms of her hand.

My heart thumped and clenched.

"You know, I would go for him but
His eyes when he talked about his wife
looked like he really loves her."
She sighed.
"So, I won't go for him."

It thumped and thumped and thumped.

It fastened,
I felt a blush rising to my cheeks.

"I wanted to how you were doing at times I was busy."
He cared.

"He looked like he really loves her."

My heart was burning.
Stop showing me affection,
If you do,

won't know what to think anymore.



Three Parts to make up for the missing Part in the previous chapter~!

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