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Chapter 55 Part I

"Who framed my father of murder?"
I bluntly asked.

Victor's eyes met mine and he held it.
He sighed as
he brought his glass of whiskey
towards his mouth.
"No one, Ms. Mafilla."

I bit my bottom lip.
"You're saying my father is a killer?"

His eyes met mine again.
He was thinking.
Thinking if he should tell me
The truth
A lie.

"No, of course not, Ms. Mafilla."
He said, with his head down.
"Your father was too kind of a man to have killed or order someone to kill."

I gulped.
I was happy.
"Then who framed him?"

He looked at me with sad eyes.
"No one, Ms. Mafilla."
He took a pause to finish his glass of whiskey.
"Your father turned himself in."

"Meaning he covered for someone."
Mr. Cain added.

Blood rised to my head.
My head was spinning,
A migraine started.
"What? For who?"

Victor again looked at me with sad eyes.
"Ms. Mafilla, your father didn't have much time to live even before he went to jail."


Chapter 55 Part II

He changed the subject
And it worked.

I asked, waiting for him to continue,
To give me an explanation.

"Your father had stage 4 lung cancer and it was incurable.
Your father is known to have high blood pressure too
And a cardiac arrest wasn't foreign to your dad."
He explained.
"The doctor said-."

I said,
Tear escalating from the lack of knowledge I knew about my own father.
Why didn't he tell me?"

Victor gave me a weary smile.
"A parent's only wish is to have their children live a good and carefree life.
They want nothing else but."

That's when it fell.
My tears flowed and I covered my face with my hands.
Mr. Cain held me as I cried.

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