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“Can you come home early today?”
I asked a rhetorical question
Because I already know what his response will be.

His gaze that met mine broke,
But it wasn't me that broke it,
It was him.

He dropped his gaze,
To think of his next sentence
of how to reject me.

I coughed out a laugh.
“I'm just joking.
I know you're busy.”
I didn't want to put him in a tight spot.

He looked up at me
To read my expression.
I wore my usual smile.
He again dropped his gaze.

“Hm, I think I'm going to take a nap.”
I said, taking my empty bowl
And putting it in the sink.

“I'll tuck you in.”

I try to smile again.

I walked into my bedroom
And he followed.

I was feeling nervous
Since it was probably the first time
He came into my bedroom.

I climbed onto my bed and laid back.
He tucked me in.
“Have a good nap.”

“Thank you.”
I said.

“If you need anything, call me.”

But I know, like always,
It will go to voicemail.

He retreated towards the door.
His back facing me
I extended my hand
But I could never reach him
Nor his heart.

“I love you.”
I whispered,
Thinking he wouldn't hear

he did.

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