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Thanks for reading! Chapter 23 is long so I separated into 2 parts xD. Bending the rules of CPN. Cross fingers I don't get called out for it.

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I skipped down the hallway in happiness.
We haven't went on a date since well, never.

Our date was always planned either with or by our family.

I skipped in full speed and happiness down the halls of secretaires
Until boom.

I hit someone,
Falling down on the floor.

I cried in pain and so did the one I bumped into.
I looked up to see a young girl.

"Oh, Im so sorry."
I said, standing up and offering my hand to her.
She looked my age, or younger.

She took my hand and stood up.
"It's okay. It's my fault as well."

I smiled.
I liked this girl.
You know when you met someone and you just know you can really click with them?
It was like that with her.

"Im Lilia."
I said.

She smiled as well.
"Samantha. Call me Sam.
Im one of the secretaries on this floor."
She meant the CEO's secretary but I liked
How she kept her profile on low.

"I'm the secretary of the planning department."

She smiled wider.
"Nice to meet you, Lilia.
Let's grab a drink together someday.

I smiled and nodded.

We exchanged phone numbers.
"Sam, what's your last name?"

She said, typing down the contact information on her phone.





She chuckled.
"What a coincidence.
You have the same last name as the President's."

Oh no...
I laughed it off.
"It is a common last name."
I hope.

She laughed.
"Guess so."
She looked up.
"Oh! Ms. Valentine!"

I turned around to look at the women she called.
She was beautiful with her waist long red hair,
And skinny long figure.

"Sorry, Lilia.
The President is expecting her. I have to go."

I nodded. "It's okay."

Sam rushed towards the women, Ms Valentine
Who was walking in my direction,
Towards the President's office.

I walked towards the side,
Keeping my head low,
Taking glances of her
Charismatic presence and beauty.

She walked passed me
Her perfume surrounded her
And her fragrance traced the path she walked.

I stopped my tracks.
Knowing it.

That scent

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