i fall apart

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I fall apart

He told me that I'm not enough,
he left me with a broken heart,
he fooled me twice and it's all my fault,
he cut too deep
now he left me scarred
Now there's too many thoughts going through my brain
And now I'm takin' these shots like it's novacane
I take it deep
I breathe  this smoke

I fall apart
Down to my core
I didn't know it before
Surprised when you caught me off guard
You were my forever, I thought

Never felt a feeling this hard
Harder than the liquor I pour
Tell me you don't want me anymore
But I can't let go
Everybody told me so
Feeling like I sold my soul
You said it
No, you said we'd be together

I love post Malone , his music really gets me sometimes.

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