A couple poems im working on

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When its raining out
I breath deep
breathing in the concrete
The wind surrounds my body
Enveloping my body whole
with its cool touch
Seldom silence surrounds me all except the piter pater of rain
Streets slick ,and shiny wet
One single light ahead
glisting with perstance
I'm surrounded within

Its 7 in the morning ,and I'm in the freezing rain ,and wind at the light rail ,but yet i kinda like it .

Feeling alittle silent

My words ache to escape my lips
My thoughts traped within
Eyes searching for that face
A face ive know so well
I feel quiet here alone
Within myself i draw
sickened thoughts racing through
Anything but a quiet mind am I
I wonder if id crave it
If id only see it one last time
Or would i trap myself in silence
A noiseless void am i ?
I dread this feeling
This emptiness inside myself
A feeling i have yet to describe
Perhaps in a past moment i reside
A memory  that slips inside
Or maby even him

Yea I'm stuck.


My heart seems to sink bellow
Low to my stomach with this
Thoughts scattered within
My limits pushed to breaking
My own desires washed away
Oh why must i stray
Stray away from my path
For i have lost my direction now
Now I'm lost and found
A pile of dreams vanished
Leaving me void
Void to choose between
Between my very own past
Past and present desions
Must i question
Question this to complete
Or maby i must compete
Compete for a heart
I don't mind I'd admit
That i cant bare it anymore
But i must push myself
For you

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