beat me down

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Beat me down
Its no longer the depression
That brings me down
Its not a mental matter
But a physical meet
Its whats tearing me apart
God why is this
So hard
To let go of the past
Why must it haunt me
Why can't I simply forget
And let it fade away
Or ever better
Let me fade away
Maby my life would be better
If It dint exsit at all
These thoughts beat me down
So much
Why did you repeat my past
And give me worse
And now
I cant let it go
Of what you done
You are no longer the same man
But nor am im
This love hasnt grown
But insted fallen apart
You riped it in two
And tore me apart
Im lost and forgotten
I no longer have a clue
Of what even to do
I dont want to lose him
But he is what
Beats me down

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