my story and poetry

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This will be my story and also a few poems I hope you find something worthy of reading :3 " Warning some content will be dark .

I started this book quiet awhile ago , I originally wanted to write the story of my life and self harm , but now I relize that this poetry is my life .Every line is an event that's happened in my life both good and bad .My poetry means everything to me its the only way I have to express myself , and I choose to share it you all .I thank every won for helping me reach the point I am today .And hopefully it will continue to grow . This is my life take from it what you will :)You can always skip to the poetry but this will stay my intro .

My life was never easy I discovered poetry in middle school and from then I've ben writing .I'm now in highshcool almost a senior , and have ben revising my works on heartland .I post pretty often and do all kinds of poetry and I'm also starting a new book on wattpad . I have two other poetry books but there alot older and ruff il need to fix them before posting new poems .Everything I write is in the moment so anyways warning most poems are sad but some are happy , if it triggers you I'm sorry but dont read it .

Started 2012
Revised 20!6 20 Jan
Still going 2018 im 20 and in collge now

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