tears on his sweater

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Tears on his sweater
I hold it close to heart and soul
Breathing in your sent
It may be a short time apart
But I still miss you like hell

Holding it close
as if it brings you closer to me
Il hold it at night , dream of you
Wear it even in the sumer heat
And in the winter nights cold
Il hold close , cling to it like a child
And Il swear to never let go

Il cry on it, my tears flowing down
As if it were you to comfort me
All my fears and troubles, fall away
Il wrap its arms around my waist
As if you wear there to hold me
And when it gets cold, itl warm me

Il hold it close to heart and soul
I promise to keep it close
And protect it with my life

I love you :3 thankyou for leting me keep it ♥♡

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