The darkness I keep

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The darkness I keep
I hold it close to heart
Its always by my side
Gust as the as the sadness behinde
Its never leaving me
Itl always stay within myself
Traped in my own hell
I used to be so happy
So joyfull and glad
But it could only last so long
Great love
Thats what il call it
Thats what it used to be
Until you broke me down
And the worst part is
I let you
I gust wanted somwon
To stay and keep me close
But you brought me down
Lower than iv ever ben
And now for the fist time
I belive that im unable
To get back up
You broke me down
You took everything I have
soiled it and tore it apart
You tore me apart
Until I was so broken
I couldnt take it anymore
To the point I snaped
I finialy asked for help
And for the first time
I wasnt as afraid
I had help to pull me out
Somwon that actuly cared
They came for me
I gust wish they were sonner
Because even they
Are gust to late to take
The darkness I keep

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