running away

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Runing away
Runing dosnt change a thing
Because I cannot escape myself
I cannot belive it
I must of heared it millions of times
Same old lies and promises
You can't take back what you said
Same chances broken
Promises through away
Gust as I was to you
You left me take on my demons
So I did and they stuck to me
Now I live with them every day
The same voices inside
Now can never leave my mind
I can put the disruption to you
To take the blame on
For my sanity you've taken
So I must learn to accept this
What I truly am
I cannot hide it
Insted I will embrace it
Wether good or bad they are me
And will always be a part of me
You cannot simply apologize
You brought me to this
And now I have to face myself
Its no longer the outside
But iner demons that haunt me
Its to late to apologize
Now I must face them alone
I cannot hide them away
I must do this for myself
And nowon eles

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