cling to you

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Cling to you
I cling like a child, afreid to let go
On you I relie everthing
Because I can't hold the wait alone
But you cant hold me up, so I fall
I fall deaper every time, im to much
To much to handle

Im to clingy for you, to many issues
To many things to handle
Im to fucked up to love
To much of a hassle to stay for
Maby thats why they all leave
Im to much to give a damn for

I never wanted to be a burden
Should I stay silent, suffer in silence
Wear a mask to hide it
Paint away these tears and scars
So thatd youd never notice
Maby not talk at all, silence in dark
I bet you wish I dint
Cling to you

I wish I wearnt so clingy maby things be better if I wasnt, maby if I wasnt here at all

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