midnight eyes

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Midnight eyes
She had all the shades blue
Blue in heart heart
For she , broken to many times
Blue in soul
For she, had lost it long ago
She was icy blue, cold as stone
She grew colder every day
Until she found those midnight eyes
He held her close to mind
Close to heart and soul
He fixed a heart he dint break
And peiced it back toghether
Gust as she broke apart
He picked up every peice behinde
She fell in love
With his midnight eyes
With those midnight conversations
The long nights , short mornings
Those midnight eyes most of all
Those sweet caring vesils
That would always stare back
Those late nights on the phone
And the chily mornings cold
He was always there throught it all
Many years had pased
The old days before long ago
Shatered past and inscure bodies
But somhow they happend to past
The first day she had met him
That goofy smile and hazzle eyes
She was taken by storm
At his simple first glance of care
Now three years time
Feelings never wandered away
But stayed stuck in time
She would always love
Those midnight eyes
The Midnight conversations
The long nights , short mornings
But most of all his caring heart and
Midnight eyes

A amazing slaves song gave me inspiration

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