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Do I have to scream, cry lounder
To find some relife in this
Im not even mad now, im upset
Drowning in my sea of tears
I gust want you here, to hold me
I hate this all, this distance

Must I cry , for your sweet words
Must I bleed, for one touch of yours
Cry harder, for one word gust one
You dont even have to say, sorry
Because at this point , il beg for it
For forgiveness, I screwed up
I screw up everything dont I

What must I do , for you to stay
Id change , change everything
For you id do anything , to keep you
Im sorry , I said it im sorry
Im worthless , I said that too..
What should I say , break down
You want me weak , il be weak
Il break beneath your feet
Il crumble in your hands , willingly
You dont even have to try, I will
I wont give up on us , never again

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