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You sink in too deep
Il lose my mind with you
Pull me under wake me up
Take me down then pull me up
I let you see every side
Dark and light
I showed it all to you
Minds clouded
Hearts broken and shattered
This is how it left me
I ponder the thought
Could it be anymore for you
How can I possibly fix this
Let alone
Fix myself after you
How can you put this back
Especially after her
You found somwon eles
And you choose her
Again im left like this
Left behind for another
Can I be replaced so simply
Those news hurt the most
And they alone
Will cause the downfall of it all
I hope she makes you happy
Thats shes worth losing me
Becuase after this
I will nolonger be here for you
Maby then youl realize
What you havet truly done
I gust wish I could escape
This love is like a drug
It hurts so bad but pulls me in
I cannot simply let go
When I say
Forever and always
I never lie no matter what
Il be stuck here alone
But at least il have whats left
The memories and scars
Im addicted but its poison
Im going through withdrall
My body cant take it anymore
The panic attacks and tears
I can no longer take it
My body will colapse from it all
Im sick of it all
I gust want the pain to end
I dont want this drug anymore
You are more than my

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