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Take it in

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Take it in
I know its not right
How damaging it is to me
But when I breath it in
I start to relax
I no longer think of the drama
I can breath without stress
I feel the wait lifted off my sholders
I know he hates it
But it helps on ocasion
I know the consciousness
But what can I do
The first hit soothes my body
And second stops the thoughts
I feel teird weightless then on
I put it out
Colapse into my sheets
I feel absent im no longer there
I breath freely
The only thing I regret from it all
Is the cancer runing throughout
And the toxins in my blood
I know it can kill
But what eles can I do
When thats exact thought I have
Im sorry so sorry
Is all I can say
But I know what happens when
I take it in

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