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you take my breath away

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You take my breath away
Literally you take my breath away
My lungs seem to shut out every ounce of it
A far too familiar feeling my body comes to meet
My knees buckle underneath this pressure
I can already hear it now

Your voice mocking my last decisions
Telling Me you were right ,and for that I suffered
So your happy now ,mocking my last try at this all

I can see it now ,the darkness surrounding my whole
Once again my eyes meet the reapers glare
He seems to wait at my shadows,as if I were close to his grip
I fall deeper with every step I take ,closer I come to this

To many to much ,I can't cope alone
So I sink within myself ,trying to find my  inner strength
With bloodied hands I hold onto the light ahead
Weak and broken but at least ,I have a future to see
My only seen future is the clouded lights ahead

And I swear to God I'l never let them go
I will never sink to your pathetic level ,nor to death
My past may be forever dark ,but my future is light
You may take everything I have ,but never my soul
You will never take my breath away

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