rember me

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Rember me when im gone
And maby then
Youl feel it all
When im dead
Because to you I was nothing
I was a toy to use for you
Im done playing games
And theres only one way out
You gust had to take it all
Even my poetry cannot stand alone
Can't you see this damage
I wish I could go back
Go back to thoses happier days
I was looking at you
right at the other half of me
But now you've gone
And im left in peices
I gust want you back here
Here to stay
You say your the only one for me
The only man that loves me
But you've broken me down
So far I cannot tell whats going on
Ive lost my sence of direction
And so much of my faith in you
I no longer know what to do
God why must I be so confused
Even my poetry is a mess
Its hard to see clarity in this all
I dont want to lose you now but
It seems as if I've lost it all
What am I to do
I only ask that you
Rember me

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