Shut ,But then I see you

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My mouth is closed
Sowen at its edges

Im am unable to speak my voice
Frozen at these last words

Must i fall to my knee's
As I only try to breath

Pounding inside my chest
I feel the drums they never rest

Ice cold I lye still
What more can he steal

I feel bare to touch
What am i to do

When the olny true villain
Was you

Mixed words
Forgoten truths

Must i be forced to listen
At the harsh hands of you

Bend to meet these hands
On the temples of my mind

Try and ignor these thoughts
Bored inside

But then
Your hand meets mine

Thoughts seem to disappear
As your lips meet mine

I fade into you
Warmth i embrace within you

I realize then
With you here

Il never have to worry again

Sometimes things get hard ,but with you here i feel safe :3 ☺😉😘😍

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