I believed

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I believed
I believed in you
When nowon eles cared
And when you dint matter
When all eles had failed
Il be the only one left
Then youl care
Then youl see what you lost
What youl never have agin
Your gust wasting your time
On a ridiculous lie
Youl know im happy
Happy without you
I dont need you
I never did
And now I realize that
Your fun and games will end
The prety stupid girl will leave
Leave you in the dust
Not looking back
Gust like you did to me
Youl be broken and hurt
Gust like I was
Then youl feel it all
The guilt the pain the heartbreak
I used to belive in you
But I no longer do not ever again
Ive moved on
To a much better person
Hes my love My everything
Somthing youl never have
I believed

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