you ruined me , but I still stand

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You ruined me
But I still stand
I dont care any longer
Let you see it all
I gave it all to you
But you screwed me over
Fuck the past
Gust show me my future
I dout your in it
Because I dout you can save this
God you fucked up this time
Take her and do it again
Who cares if you dont realy
Mean it
Forever dosnt last long
And always cant ever be true
Not with you
I can cry it out millions of times
But it wont matter to you
You'll only bring me down
God if this is love
Than id rather die
I promised it all
But they were all broken
And now im broken
Shattered and torn
Il stay on the ground
I hope you feel like a man
Does seeing me like this
Make you feel better
Is that why you break me down
Today il say
Ive had enough
I chose to stand
Throughout this manic
I will find the light
Its time you meet the real me
Its diffrent than you know
Itl come from this
She wont let this go
Il let her take over
And finally itl let me stand
You ruined me
But I will still stand
No matter how hard this is
I will stay and survive
Suicide is not the awser yet
I must stand up
And get out of this darkness
Take me down
But I will always

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