Death of me

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Death of me
Youl be the death of me
Take it all my heart and soul
Break me down to the bone
But god forbid I raise my tone
Break me you made me
Build me up ,you tore me down
Hate me , you made me
But hate see , it gave me
The strength to fight back
Distance it pushed me back
I took time to find the power
From the hatred it grew
Beautiful confidence in myself
That I could stand alone
And no longer settle for this
But god thats what I am now
Settle in and fall deaper
Everything was fake in heart
And crule in soul
Horid to the bone
And why did I ever say it back
I meant it and still do
But that dosnt matter to you
I love you with everything I am
But god I wish I dint
I wish the the love would be gone
I gust want to disappear
I regret it all
God what do you want me to say
Im sorry I truly am for this all
God I thought it was the best choice
But I was so wrong
God I cling to you like a child
Its killing me to be away from you
Why do I feel this way
After everything I still want you
And im left against myself
What the hell did this to me
I want to get out
Im sick and teird of this all
I gust wanted one thing
But it fell apart right infront of me
And now im stuck here
Wanting to try again
To replay everything to the past
And to create a better future
To at least try and save whats left
Before even that falls apart
To try and save myself
Because I cant do it
I nolonger have the power to fight
I know il fall back
And hopefully you can save me
Or eles this will be
The death of me

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