My soul is empty

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My soul is empty
I want to get out
Im sick of these demons
These iner hauntings
They toy with my thoughts
And disrupt my reactions
Dear shame
Are you forever
Because id carry the wait for you
I bere it all for you
Gust to get it off my chest
To forget the past
And focus to the present
And maby il have a future
Somtimes I hear there crys
Under the wait of you
I feel the presure adding too
I cannot stand my breaking bones
Nor this shatered heart
So il stay quiet
Not single word said
As il fade away
Il stand behinde you
And let the rest play out
Baby waiting isnt working out
You know im gone
So far gone
Dying inside
Because of this damage you've done
This is why I say
BECAUSE OF YOU ................

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