what am I to do

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What am I to do
Am I even good enough for you
I feel traped inside
Caged in by all sides
He tore me down
So you tryed to pick me up
Put me together
In your own creation
So I tryed to fit in to
These expectations
Pushed myself to break
Forced that pretty smile
Even though inside
I was crying in horrid pain
Because I can only sink
Deaper inside this void
But that dosnt mean I dint try
For you I stod tall
Even if It tore my walls
I had built them so high
That nowon could reach in
But you took me down
And caried me into your own
Gust to watch me fall again
And rebuild my own
For me to move further away
Than ever before
So I am isolated
In this land of myself
Alone in this storm
Of my own thoughts and tears
And I've only gone deaper
Im afraid of this all
Of whats to come
I never want to reach june
What am I to do

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